Who Are You?

Something I think we all deal with from time to time. Who am I? I’ve been fighting with that question for a long time. Until here recently anyways. I believe that in the search for ourselves can be a journey that will always have its highs and lows. But every dawn brings a new day. Another chance. As long as we as individuals can take one step then we have progressed from standing still in our lives. “Progress….” That is all one can ask from themselves. NEVER GIVE UP!

Good day to some and good night

to the others.





Truth, What Is That?

Would I fight for you? That’s the question that was asked. Would I fight for a just cause? Would I fight for the truth? Well let me start by asking what is truth? Whos truth. Everyone feels that they represent the truth. Individuals, little groups, big groups. Who’s right who’s wrong? Am I willing to … Continue reading Truth, What Is That?

My thoughts

As a child I did not understand the ways of the world. I did not understand what good or bad was for the most part. Like any child I knew if I talked back to my parents. Well that was bad and it came with many consequences. None that I liked might I add. My … Continue reading My thoughts

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