My thoughts

As a child I did not understand the ways of the world. I did not understand what good or bad was for the most part. Like any child I knew if I talked back to my parents. Well that was bad and it came with many consequences. None that I liked might I add. My point to this is about perception.

I thought people were naturally good and honest. You could ride your bike in the middle of the night in most neighborhoods and not worry. It was easy to love unconditionally. Life was just plain simple and beautiful. As I look back now I can see the changes throughout my years. All the times things went wrong. All things I could have done differently. Who to say Though if i had made a different choice here or there that things would be better or worse. One I do know I would not be me now.

That is beauty of life. Evolving in to someone you want to be. Not perfect, not everyone’s cup of tea, but not lost either. Life is as beautiful as it is ugly.

But perception is the key I think. Oh the stories I could tell. Never a dull moment. Not like now anyways. How many lives do you think a person has? Do you think it’s like they say about a cat’s 9 lives? I believe that by the way. If I go with that I’m pretty sure I’m running out. Way to many close calls. Luck or a greater purpose. There is a good example of perception.

Have you ever stopped and sat down next to someone who lives on the streets. They have some stories. Some can tell you how they had it all and then puff just like that it’s all gone. Bad choices I guess.

There’s something that can be said about the darkness….

Cascading waterfalls of shimmering light fall ever so softly in the still of the night.

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