Truth, What Is That?

Would I fight for you? That’s the question that was asked. Would I fight for a just cause? Would I fight for the truth? Well let me start by asking what is truth? Whos truth. Everyone feels that they represent the truth. Individuals, little groups, big groups. Who’s right who’s wrong? Am I willing to put my life on the line for it? Yes! Would I take a bullet for another human being? Yes!
One day someone will come along who will unite a group to stand for everyone and everything. One day this person, be it man or woman will find a way to show equality in a new light. To show that mistakes are only lessons. Hate is only jealousy. And violence is only a way to force others to believe in their truths.
Truth is only viewed in the way your conscious mind perceives it. Proof of the truth. That’s not always easy to interpret so we use our own views and opinions of what we think the truth is. Or we use what others believe the truth is.
Here’s a truth. Humanity is diseased! We care more about greed, power, control. Fame and fortune it seems has grown to a top priority for most. Helping others isn’t even as easy these days due to others exploiting it. Truth is capitalism is what controls this world and it shouldn’t. Truth is it’s hard to stand for something when the truth has been disguised. Truth is it’s hard to stand alone due to persecution. It’s hard to see the line of right and wrong when the line was blurred intentionally.
Back to question at hand. Would I fight for you. Yes. Yes I would.

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