Truth, What Is That?

Would I fight for you? That’s the question that was asked. Would I fight for a just cause? Would I fight for the truth? Well let me start by asking what is truth? Whos truth. Everyone feels that they represent the truth. Individuals, little groups, big groups. Who’s right who’s wrong? Am I willing to put my life on the line for it? Yes! Would I take a bullet for another human being? Yes!
One day someone will come along who will unite a group to stand for everyone and everything. One day this person, be it man or woman will find a way to show equality in a new light. To show that mistakes are only lessons. Hate is only jealousy. And violence is only a way to force others to believe in their truths.
Truth is only viewed in the way your conscious mind perceives it. Proof of the truth. That’s not always easy to interpret so we use our own views and opinions of what we think the truth is. Or we use what others believe the truth is.
Here’s a truth. Humanity is diseased! We care more about greed, power, control. Fame and fortune it seems has grown to a top priority for most. Helping others isn’t even as easy these days due to others exploiting it. Truth is capitalism is what controls this world and it shouldn’t. Truth is it’s hard to stand for something when the truth has been disguised. Truth is it’s hard to stand alone due to persecution. It’s hard to see the line of right and wrong when the line was blurred intentionally.
Back to question at hand. Would I fight for you. Yes. Yes I would.

My thoughts

As a child I did not understand the ways of the world. I did not understand what good or bad was for the most part. Like any child I knew if I talked back to my parents. Well that was bad and it came with many consequences. None that I liked might I add. My point to this is about perception.

I thought people were naturally good and honest. You could ride your bike in the middle of the night in most neighborhoods and not worry. It was easy to love unconditionally. Life was just plain simple and beautiful. As I look back now I can see the changes throughout my years. All the times things went wrong. All things I could have done differently. Who to say Though if i had made a different choice here or there that things would be better or worse. One I do know I would not be me now.

That is beauty of life. Evolving in to someone you want to be. Not perfect, not everyone’s cup of tea, but not lost either. Life is as beautiful as it is ugly.

But perception is the key I think. Oh the stories I could tell. Never a dull moment. Not like now anyways. How many lives do you think a person has? Do you think it’s like they say about a cat’s 9 lives? I believe that by the way. If I go with that I’m pretty sure I’m running out. Way to many close calls. Luck or a greater purpose. There is a good example of perception.

Have you ever stopped and sat down next to someone who lives on the streets. They have some stories. Some can tell you how they had it all and then puff just like that it’s all gone. Bad choices I guess.

There’s something that can be said about the darkness….

Cascading waterfalls of shimmering light fall ever so softly in the still of the night.

My Thoughts/ Not Yours

Why do we seek fame and/or fortune? Why do we try so hard to be what we are not? Why do all prey on other’s desires knowing what we are doing but never admitting to it?

So many will tell you in order to write you have to do so in a way to attract readers. I understand the concept but we should not have to be Grammer correct all the time. We don’t talk this way. So why write that way? Why should I have to show links to prove others feel the same way. My thoughts are mine. My opinions is mine.

Why do we walk on eggshells because others take what we say and spin it to make themselves look or feel like a victim. He’s racist, he’s a pig, he’s a manipulator. None of that is true. Words are only words. If they are not intended in a negative way. Stop painting it that way.

As humans on this living rock we inhabit we should all be willing to show kindness and love. But we should not have to change who we are to accommodate someone else. So they don’t get butt hurt. If you want to believe that money is everything. That cool with me but don’t walk all over other to get what you desire. You want to believe the earth is flat. No skin off my back. But if your so intent to argue about it then prove it to the rest of the world and let it go. You want to believe that God exist I won’t stop you. Those would be your opinions. They do make for great discussions. But if that’s what you believe your right.

You want to know one thing I believe?

I believe this all a dream. That we are not capable of seeing reality. I believe we are all sleeping in sense I guess. And I’m not sure we’ll ever wake up from our slumber. Now I know there are millions of people out there that if this was ever read would think to themselves what an idiot but can you truly prove me wrong?



Good day to you madame
Good day to you I say
I hope today gives you
What yesterday took away

I heard your life has gotten rough
But there is no need for blame
The love that you possess inside
Can take the shame away

The flowers still bloom
In the spring sun’s rays
The trees still sing
On those windy days

So close your eyes
Take a breath
Calm your mind
And take a chance

Good day to you madame
Good day to you I say
I hope the weather stays pleasant
I hope there is no rain

I heard your life is a constant storm
Filled with misery and pain
But the love that you possess inside
Can truly make that change

So just let it go and forget the past
Your future is looking bright
You’ll never know how much your adored
If you hid your shining light

So close your eyes
Take a breath
Calm your mind
And take a chance

I know that life has got you down
And all you feel is pain
But if you try and make it through
Tomorrow will be a brighter day

Good day to you madame
Good day to you I say